VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Which means it’s a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks such as, the Internet. It’s so easy to use, simply take the TrueRing phone and plug it into any Internet connection to make and receive calls. You can also use your laptop and Internet connection to utilize the virtual phone software so it will feel like you never left your desk.

One of the top reasons VoIP is used by many businesses today is the cost. The traditional phone has a lot of maintenance associated with it. The traditional phone must maintain existing phone infrastructure, there are costly industry regulations and policies to abide by. Whereas, VoIP can charge much less than their traditional phone competitor. As long as there is an existing Internet connection a VoIP system can simply plug into that utilizing the IP network, so you’re up and running in minutes.

With more options than the traditional phone system you can see why a VoIP system is ideal. The multitude of features for a VoIP system are advantageous for a business to stay ahead in the world today. Features such as, voicemail to email, call barging, consultation hold to a choice of local numbers available in over 85% of the top metropolitan statistical areas—allowing your company to show a local presence. If you’re a business in Washington State and want to do business in California, you can use a California number. Due to the power of the Internet having a VoIP system can allow for flexibility of people being able to work remotely like going between the office to client to home easily, for those traveling to be accessible and productive.

To save money for your business and give it that boost into the 21st century world of business communication it’s highly advantageous to have a VoIP system in place. If you have questions or would like learn how VoIP can help your business contact our sales team or call 1-855-878-7464 and Press 3.