IsoFusion is a proud sponsor of the Iron Riders organization. Iron Riders is made up of a small group of high school students who create, design and build robots for competition. The group works out of Roosevelt High School here in Seattle, WA. The team is comprised of competitive, curious and determined high school students.

The Iron Riders organization is part of the after school program that promotes problem solving in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. It’s a student managed team that has been in existence since 2011. Parents like the fact their children are part of this organization, according to Halle Remash, Vice President of Iron Riders, “parents tell her how cool FIRST Robotics Competitions are—they provide a challenge which teaches design, teamwork and problem solving.” Iron Riders compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) specifically for teens. The FRC has teams make a robot to fit the requirements for the current year’s competition. Each year the competition changes rules that each team must adhere to. FIRST tries to promote the idea of teamwork and remaining professional in heat of competition. Woodie Flowers, FIRST National Advisor, coined the term “Gracious Professionalism” which stands for opposing teams should treat each other with respect and to work hard but not to be bad sports.

IsoFusions sponsorship will help the Iron Riders for post-competition projects. This includes outreach to local middle schools, team prototypes with new mechanisms and the Green Lake Carton Derby.

Iron Riders will compete in several robotics competitions throughout the month of March. Our team at IsoFusion is wishing the Iron Riders best of luck in their upcoming competitions for 2016!