The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has now become a daily reality for some people, for others it is not. The Internet of Things known as IoT is a network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings, etc, which are embedded with some sort of electronic, software, sensor and network connectivity that enables the objects to collect and exchange data. Almost everything we do nowadays is connected to or through a network of some kind from computers at home or work, phones, smart watches, vehicles, household devices to control things in your home to security and so on. Yet there remains a digital divide in the United States.

A fast, reliable network to connect to the internet makes a difference for business and in the lives of people. It can create opportunities of educational, economic and social freedoms. While most Americans are connected to a network here in the United States there is about a third of the United States that does not have any access. According to the Federal Communications Commission, Eighth Broadband Progress Report, There are about 19 million Americans without reliable internet access many of whom live in rural areas around the United States. The breakdown of those lacking access is even more significant, 14.5 in rural areas, tribal areas are at nearly one-third.

GigabitNow helps communities or municipalities find a solution to get access to a fast, reliable network. They offer fiber internet solutions for planning, design, construction, operation and support. They have the experience in helping communities. In 2004, they connected the community of Issaquah Highlands which has over 3,700 homes. GigabitNow is currently working on FTTH project in Northern California and will be providing access to 2,200 homes. To find a solution to bridge the digital divide for your community or municipality see how GigabitNow can help!

FCC Fixed Broadband Deployment Map