IsoFusion continues to closely monitor the changes to business requirements posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic. All of our subsidiary business operations have continued to operate, providing essential services, and our team members are active, healthy, and ensuring the quality and integrity of data center operations and connectivity. Below are some updated precautions and procedures we have put in place for the safety of our team and customers.

IsoFusion Operations

  • All IsoFusion operations and services continue to be fully operational.
  • IsoFusion continues to follow established emergency response and disaster recovery procedures and operations.
  • IsoFusion team members whose presence at data center facilities or project sites is not required for proper operations continue to work remotely, and our offices operate with limited staff.
  • On-site network operations center and data center team members have been reduced but are all available through established procedures as they continue to work remotely.
  • IsoFusion is monitoring updates from local, state, and federal sources on a daily basis for changes to guidelines, recommendations, and restrictions as they relate to the current emergency orders.

Data Center Access Policies Update

  • Although data center customers are welcome to access facilities where they have equipment, IsoFusion asks you to continue to limit the frequency and duration.
  • Please recognize that all customers, vendors, and IsoFusion employees are now required to wear masks or face coverings while inside our facilities.
  • Customers must bring their own masks and are encouraged to wear gloves when working in our facilities or offices.
  • All customers must have their issued electronic access card and photo identification to access any facility; otherwise, you will not be granted access.
  • Recognized federal social distancing guidelines are required at all times while inside our facilities.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation of facilities have increased in frequency and hand sanitizer is available for customers when entering or exiting.
  • If you are sick or feel you may have been exposed to an individual who is ill, please do not visit our facilities or offices.
  • If you, or your employees, are unable to access our data center facilities and require on-site assistance, our team has been made available. We can assist you with remote hands or other on-site support, so your business operations are not at risk. We have assisted several customers during this period helping to mitigate lost productivity.

Tacoma Perkins Data Center (Optic Fusion)

We will have technicians on-site 24/7 who can assist with remote hands requests, reboots, and support.

Seattle Westin, Bellevue, Redmond, and South Hill Datacenters (Colocation Northwest and ISOMEDIA)

We have technicians on-site during regular business hours that can assist with remote hands requests, reboots, and support. After hours “critical issue” support is available by calling the Network Operations Center (NOC), who will facilitate the dispatching of administrators or technicians as needed.

All of our management and staff continue to work to ensure proper operations and delivery of services to customers. Please reach out to us if you require assistance to maintain your business operations. IsoFusion is here to help you and your organization during this challenging time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Network Operations at (877) 638-9277 or

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe,