IsoFusion’s family of services provides a broad range of IT services to businesses in western Washington and beyond. Our service brands include Colocation NorthWest, Connect NorthWest, One Server Hosting, TrueRing Business Phone, GigabitNow and Seanet.

Colocation NorthWest - Focusing solely on colocation services Colocation NorthWest offers a variety of colocation options for businesses of all sizes. Colocation NorthWest operates seven data centers located across the Puget Sound Area including Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, and Tacoma. Customers can purchase anything from 1U of space to a custom built cage designed specifically for their needs.

Connect NorthWest - Focusing on connectivity and IT support services, Connect NorthWest (CNW) provides Internet and point-to-point connectivity, as well as, helpdesk and custom wiring solutions. We also have dedicated circuits, dedicated wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, broadband and dial up solutions. Connect NorthWest can also support your business with network consulting expertise, and telecom cabling services.

One Server Hosting - Business-class dedicated server and cloud hosting services are the core of One Server Hosting’s offerings. One Server Hosting has multiple plans available for Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers, as well as hosted exchange and web hosting for small businesses. One Server Hosting will build a server to your unique specifications or if a virtual solution is desired, One Server hosting uses the latest server virtualization systems from Parallels Plesk and XenServer.

TrueRing Business Phone - TrueRing offers business grade VoIP and SIP services scalable to any size business. TrueRing includes modern business phone features such as toll-free and local number options, free long distance, fax to e-mail, and customized call routing.

GigabitNow – Unique customized solutions for Fiber Internet service for office, multi-tenant buildings, large-scale communities and cities. GigabitNow has been installing and supporting Fiber Internet service and plant since 2004. Every office and community is unique; GigabitNow can consult with your community to determine what Gigabit Fiber Internet service option is best suited for your area or building.

Seanet – Seanet offers multiple residential Internet connectivity options, satellite television, phone services, as well as, personal web page hosting and home alarm services.

All of our brands have a specialized focus and we strive to provide the highest level of service at an affordable price.