As The Internet Grows, So Does Colocation—It’s Essential

The concept of “Internet of Things” was just a thought now every day there is some recent technology advancement that has made the headlines, this has now become a reality. Almost everything we do now days is connected to or through the Internet from computers, phones, watches, vehicles, household devices to control things in your home to security and so on. The IoT is real and here to stay.

With the expansion of businesses worldwide and more that are getting online to do business the demand to be more efficient and using more data than ever before means that nearly everyone is relying heavily on the internet. Nearly everyone has an interaction at least once a day if not more, which means the IoT is an everyday task for companies and people.

Data Center Knowledge has stated that the IoT is growing so much that corporate data centers are under pressure to keep up. A recent study by Cisco illustrated the rapid increase in demand for data center connectivity. Traffic to these facilities has increased by a significant amount. It’s expected to increase even more.

Nowadays businesses must be connected all the time, have real-time ability; it’s about being quick, efficient and connected. This is pushing the limits of what businesses currently have in place.

Colocation is the way to go and can play a key role in storage capacity, constant connectivity and the quickness to handle issues that arise. A data facility can take away the headaches of managing any IT issue or related matter. If you’re looking into a new IT infrastructure or to handle evolving business needs, colocation is affordable, scalable and managed by highly trained professionals.