Companies have the option to either rent or own their servers. For many businesses renting servers is the best option. It lowers overhead, allows them to go into a cloud environment and they can have peace of mind knowing their dedicated server is in a secure environment.

Some types of online businesses simply cannot function properly without the power and features provided by a dedicated server. Other businesses need the stability and flexibility of a dedicated server to manage a variety of web-based operational needs.

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With a dedicated server, you can provide your customers with the required and necessary security. Many times web based companies require their customers to provide them with personal or commercially sensitive information. They trust you to keep that information secure. If you have a dedicated server, it give you absolute control over the security provisions needed to keep the information stored and used by your company safe.

Dedicated servers also allow for customization. Some businesses utilize websites that feature customized components or perform special tasks unique to their daily operations. Dedicated servers allow your business to install any software required to perform online functions specific to your workflow. This type of high-level customization is not possible with shared hosting.

Additionally, businesses that feature remote functions require large amounts of processing power or memory usage need dedicated web hosting to meet the demanding needs of their daily operations. Dedicated servers provide a platform conducive to maintaining various other functions, such as storing large amounts of data, creating a testing environment, and/or powering your application server.

Web based companies also rely on a significant amount of bandwidth since they will received a tremendous amount of web traffic on a regular basis. Dedicated servers are suited to handle sites that are popular, run affiliated programs, or offer social networks that receive lots of activity.

As you can see there are many benefits of a dedicated server, so it is up to your company to decide if it is right fit for you. Our One Server Hosting consultants can help you in determining what server is right for your business needs. Contact us today or call 1-866-485-0522 for more information